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What is ISO?

What is ISO? How to use it and what is it for? When to set the ISO value? When to use low and high values? What problem with ISO?

ipiccy page

iPiccy photo editor

Ipiccy is a free browser-based image processing and editing program.


Photography in rain

Take photos in rain, fog! But what can we photograph in cloudy, rainy weather? What to look for when taking photos in the rain?

image resize

Quick image resize

You can resize your images or photos with XnView program easily and quickly.


What is exposure time?

What is shutter speed and exposure time? What do we use it for? How to set up?



Snapseed photo editing app for phone and tablet to android or iOS. It's free and useful.

top 10 youtube photography channel

TOP 10 photography YouTube channel

Top 10 photography YouTube channels to follow in 2022 if you are beginner or advanced photographer

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